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Large Cutting Board with Juice Groove

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Acacia Wood Carving Cutting Board 20 x 15 Inch Large with Juice Groove and Well

  • Acacia Wood Carving Board and Cutting Board - Made from beautiful edge grain Acacia wood with brown and gold walnut accents
  • Quality Construction - Full 1.5" thick solid wood design. Acacia is a tropic hardwood known for its durability, water resistance and natural anti-bacterial qualities. This wooden board will last for years with everyday use and is gentle on knives.
  • Convenient Size - Measures 20 x 15 inches, perfect for all jobs, while easy to store. Fully reversible, use both sides to cut and chop kitchen meals to get the most out of your cutting board.
  • Juice Groove - Traps and holds juices while carving meats and roasts in wide drip well, to prevent spilling and messy clean ups.
  • Safe and Eco Friendly - Acacia proudly uses only sustainably harvested wood, with food safe finishes and glues. We never use treated or reclaimed wood, second cuts or unsafe finishes for your peace of mind.
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