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Large Cutting Board Thick

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Large End Grain Teak Wood Cutting Board Thick, 17x13x1.5in with Sorting Compartments, Non-Slip Feet, Juice Groove

  • Size:17 x 13 x 1.5 in: Shape:Rectangular
  • Durability – Thoughtfully crafted to be the most functional board you will ever own with its multipurpose design. Large End Grain Teak Wood Cutting Board Thick is an end grain constructed board, known to be extremely durable and highly desired for their 'self-healing' properties. Each knife cut goes between the wood fibers, rather than cutting through them. These fibers close back up after the knife exits. Your knives are cutting on a naturally forgiving surface, keeping your knives edge sharper for longer.
  • Large End Grain Teak Wood Cutting Board Thick Deep Juice Grooves – No more messy countertops from liquids running off your board. Cleaning up after a meal is already enough work. Our built-in deep juice grooves will prevent water, juices, and grease from overflowing onto your countertop during meal prep and serving. Perfect for carving roast, brisket, or ribs at barbecues. The removable rubber feet allow for stability and the inner handles provide grip for easy carrying.
  • Versatile Built-in Sorting Compartments – Three built-in sorting compartments designed to make meal prep easier than ever. No need to off-load your diced onions, chives, garlic, etc…onto extra dishes. Simply dice and slide into the compartment to clear your cutting surface and continue chopping. This side can also be used for entertainment as a charcuterie or crudite board. Try using the compartments for crackers, nuts, fruit, olives, and more.
  • Space Saving – We understand kitchen space is limited and that is why we designed a board that serves multiple functions and is beautiful enough to be displayed on your countertop. Chop, prep, serve and entertain your way to happiness! We’re confident this will quickly become your favorite board.
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