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Eco Only Disposable Rustic Plates Palm leaf plates10",7" 4.5" Compostable Plates,Disposable Dinnerware set with Cutlery|Palm Plates Disposable with Cutlery Napkins Heavy Duty Biodegradable Utensils

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Brand: Eco Only

Color: Natural


  • ✔♥BIODEGRADABLE AND COMPOSTABLE PARTY PLATES- These are made of natural leaves so easily biodegradable and compostable. You can throw them in your compost pile or backyard to let it degrade. It may take upto 2 month to fully biodegrade just like fallen leaves.No tree has been cut or damage has been done to the tree .Made from naturally fallen leaves and no chemicals or wax are used on end product.It is 100% natural and safe.
  • ✔♥PALM PLATES BULK/PERFECT FOR 20 GUESTS [ 20 Palm Plates SQUARE 10” +20 Palm Leaf Plates SQUARE 7" + 20 SQUARE 4.5" Palm Leaf BOWLS +20, 330ML Compostable CUPS+20 FORKS+20 KNIVES+20 SPOONS, 20 NAPKINS ] - Party Pack of Disposable Palm Plates square with fork and knives are suitable for variety of foods.
  • ✔♥ECO-FRIENDLY PALM LEAF PLATES DISPOSABLE- Say yes to eco friendly plates for a safe and beautiful tomorrow . Take a small step to keep this earth clean and beautiful.Say yes to more sustainable resources and no to plastic or any environment damaging materials.
  • ✔♥STURDY HIGH QUALITY AND SAFE TO USE IN MICROWAVE- Very strong and sturdy than paper ,plastic or bagasse plates. Perfect for hot and cold food both and does not become soft when gravies are served.Palm leaf plates are safe to use in microwave oven .
  • ✔♥PERFECT FOR WEDDING ,CATERING OR ANY PARTY - Very sturdy and rustic look perfect for wedding or any party.It’s so elegant and esthetic which gives a perfect look and mood to the occasion.Throw a backyard party or any kind of outdoor get together ,events and get all the praise by serving them in these All Natural Wooden Plates Disposables eco plates.

Details: “Eco only” party pack 10inch( 20) , 7 inch Palm Leaf Plates (20),4.5inch bowls(20 count)20 Biodegradable ecofriendly napkins, 20 disposable cups ,20 forks,20 spoons and 20 knives are ideal for camping, hiking,meals, dinner , events, party or a community potluck. It’s rustic and natural look perfect for BBQs or any outdoor parties. Take it to the hiking,field trip,picnic or camping and dispose them without guilt of littering or throw in your garden or backyard for natural decomposition .ECO ONLY are 100% natural environment friendly biodegradable compostable plates.You and your guests will fall in love with the natural rustic look and feel. Stress free and mess free pack contains everything for the guilt free party and events These plates and cutlery set are made from naturally fallen palm leaves which are washed clean and steam pressed which make them unique. These may have slight variations in color or texture and that's what nature is all about.These dishware are better than bamboo ,paper ,plastic and styrofoam plates.These plates are strong and sturdy to hold gravy . Good for hot and cold both kind of foods Sustainable lightweight and environmentally friendly eco plates. 100% chemical free ECO Only plates are safe to use and taking a little step towards saving the nature. We have taken extra care to ensure the quality.

EAN: 0740224492709

Package Dimensions: 16.2 x 11.2 x 7.7 inches

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