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My Top 5 Favorite Uses for a Wood Serving Tray

By: :JIANSONG WU 0 comments
My Top 5 Favorite Uses for a Wood Serving Tray

My Top 5 Favorite Uses for a Wood Serving Tray

Grab a wood serving tray anytime things may be falling out of your hands and skip the need for a second trip.

A wood serving tray is a great way to serve your favorite drink and nosh. Whether you have company seated outside on a nice summer day or friends gathered around your kitchen table, a beautiful wood serving tray is the perfect backdrop.

Keep a wood serving tray on a bedside table, vanity or dresser to hold all your essentials and keep the clutter factor down. A perfect vessel for your perfume bottles or favorite jewelry pieces. Men will love it too! Your ottoman needs a wood serving tray! Arrange a collection of coffee table books, flowers and some mints for a quick and easy way to display items while still keeping them within reach.

A must-have for Breakfast in bed. If you don’t own a wood serving tray how do you expect your partner or kids to serve you breakfast in bed? It’s the little things in life that keep us happy day-to-day.

A wood serving tray can be used as a centerpiece in any room. They add a touch of personality and the customization makes them a keepsake which can be handed down. The Shakers built items like a wood serving tray because they were needed in daily life and if you are like me you only want things in your life that are functional and beautiful. Otherwise, they become dust collectors.

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