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Wood Serving Tray with Handles Rustic Wooden Tray

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Wood Serving Tray with Handles Rustic Wooden Tray

Wood Serving Tray with Handles Rustic Wooden Tray, Leakproof Wood Coasters. Food or Decorative Tray. Ottoman Tray, Breakfast, Bathroom, Coffee, Dessert, Bed Tray

For Anyone Who Loves Farmhouse Décor, but Not "Faux" House Décor If you’re looking for the real farmhouse tray look, then you needn’t look further than the Tip-Top Table Tray. Because while other wooden serving trays use a faux burned-wood finish, or composite layers of fake wood grain, this party tray is crafted from real Fir Tree wood panels for a natural aesthetic. And if that wasn’t authentic enough, we added a deep Walnut finish and vintage carved handles. Gorgeous, right?

It’s that rich and luxurious, espresso brown vintage accent you were searching for today.

  • ✔ Decorative sofa tray, bathroom vanity tray or cologne tray
  • ✔ Comes with Non-Slip, Non-Scratch 3M pads to affix to the base of the tray and coasters as you see fit
  • ✔ Display it on your ottoman or coffee table to hold magazines, media remotes or morning coffee.
  • ✔ It also comes with 4x Leak-proof circle cup coasters that are a solid piece of wood with a machined lip
  • ✔ Designed and created by a Veteran led, family owned business
  • ✔ 15x11in so you can fit anything and everything you want on this extra large rectangular tray.
  • ✔ Wooden handles are easy to grip, and crafted with rustic curves
  • ✔ Solid one piece bottom to prevent spills and leaks onto the surfaces below

Bundled with four matching coaster

Comes with 4 matching leak-proof rustic coasters: Notice the carved lip around each wooden coaster, it’s there to stop liquid or condensation dripping on to your table or coffee tray. But also notice, it’s a single, solid piece of wood. That’s to stop your drink from leaking through the center, like those glued-together wood coaster.

Non-Scratch, Non-Slip:

Like we stated before, we wanted to make sure these wood coasters protected your surfaces. So we went ahead and affixed a single felt pad to the bottom of each coaster. Now it will protect your rustic coffee table, be the perfect set of coasters for wooden tables and all of your everyday needs.

Classiness that screams quality

Also suitable for displaying products in retail locations or organizing accessories/jewelry on a dresser or vanity. This multi-use tray offers a luxurious combination of style and function.


This tray can be used as a dinner or lunch tray due to its 2.5 in sides that wont get in the way. Serve guests, decorate your living room or store fresh produce with this stylish vintage inspired tray. The uses are simply endless, food safe appetizer tray, cheese tray, cocktail tray or serving board. The durable construction and one piece handles make carrying several cocktails or appetizers from room to room or patio a breeze. A useful wood center piece for any living room. So why not try it now and see how it fits into your life.....

A few guidelines about this product:

  • 1. Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures to maintain the integrity of the tray
  • 2. DO NOT USE bleach, gasoline, or organic solvents to clean.
  • 3. Can be cleaned with water, but no long-term immersion.
  • 4. After cleaning, it is recommended to wipe the tray dry.
  • 5. Recommended to perform maintenance semi annually for best results

About its maintenance:

Periodically wipe with a bit of olive oil and using a towel to wipe off the excess oil to restore the wood grain to its original beauty when it appears to be drying out.


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