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Serving Platters

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Serving Platters

Serving platters are truly a must-have for all occasions- whether you’re getting everyone together for Christmas or Thanksgiving, having friends over for game night, celebrating a birthday, or simply having a family dinner; these serving pieces can be used for just about any event or gathering! This is a very useful piece of serveware that is versatile in both its function and style. You can use one for any type of food, hot or cold, and even for those that contain delicious sauce or juice. Typically, platters are oblong with one to two inches to hold your dish with the utmost care and make it easy to carry from the kitchen to the table. Your family, friends, and guests can easily serve themselves from the center of the table. Serving platters are functional and can help guests feel connected to one another by sharing a meal from the same dish. They vary in style, material, and color, as well as shape and size. The right platter depends on you, your style, and what intend to bring to the table for your family, friends, or guests to enjoy!

All serveware is made from a variety of different materials and serving platters are no different! These dishes are made from all types of material including stoneware, porcelain, ceramic, china, glass, plastic, wood, and many more! The most commonly used serveware is typically made from earthenware because it is easy to clean, durable, and versatile in style. If you are looking for a more affordable option, then a ceramic platter is a great choice as they are more affordable but still durable. For those who are looking to upgrade their existing platters or want to invest in fine tableware, then porcelain or bone china are the best option as they are the strongest of all ceramics, built to resist chipping, and live longest. Other materials, like wood, glass, and even stainless steel should be used at the right occasion. For example, if you want to create a calm and rustic aesthetic at your dining table then you may want to use wooden serving platters, rather than bone china.


It’s important for many people that their dinnerware, tableware, and serveware matches their personal style, which is why we carry a wide variety of serving platters. There are many different colors options, which can help you create the right ambiance or aesthetic for any dinner. If you want a pop of color in the center of the table, then you may consider a red, blue, or even yellow platter. For sophisticated dinner parties and holiday entertainment, gold and silver options can elegantly highlight the main entrée, appetizer, or even dessert! Before deciding on a color, make sure that you pair the design of your table linens and dishware with your serveware so they can beautifully tie together all the different pieces and elements on your table to truly astound your guests.

Aside from material and color, the shape and size of platters vary widely. Traditional serving platters are oval; however, you can also find circular, square, and rectangular options to fit your table. They can also range in size, from small options to serve one or two people to much larger ones that make it easy to serve food for a big table and many people. In addition to size and shape, make sure that yours has the proper depth to hold all the ingredients in your dish!

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