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Modern Serving Platters, Bowls, Stands and More

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Modern Serving Platters, Bowls, Stands and More

Prepare fantastic meals to bring to the table when you have serving platters you love. An array of trays, serving bowls and other tabletop pieces make it easy to plan exciting dinners and create a special atmosphere for your evenings together. If you love a good brunch, having lots of serving platters on hand lets you focus on making delicious bites for your friends and loved ones. The presentation takes care of itself when you select stylish, modern pieces, like serving stands or drink dispensers.

New Styles in Serving Platters

Explore what's new with serving platters and other kitchenware and tabletop accessories. With new trends in serveware for at home and entertaining, it's time to upgrade your collection by adding pieces that showcase your superlative style and give you an excuse to invite people over more often.

  • Shop rich, matte jewel tones. Platters and bowls in deep hues contribute to a high-design atmosphere, so even snacking feels upscale.
  • Mix-and-match shapes to keep your tabletop or buffet interesting. This is an especially fun look if you're throwing a party with tapas-style bites or other gatherings where lots of appetizers are key, like when a big game is on.
  • Covered platters aren't just for casserole dishes now. Check out tortilla platters, made of basket-like material and lidded to keep food warm.

Trays, Bowls and Stands for Every Occasion

Other serveware is getting a fresh look, too, with thoughtfully designed pieces made for all occasions. Bring these pretty pieces to the table at breakfast, lunch and dinner or put them out for guests to enjoy your hospitality.

  • Serving stands make a buffet look amazing. These raised boards look like cutting boards, only they have feet or a pedestal underneath the surface where you place food to give the whole service height.
  • To keep your friends moving around the table, place dip bowls everywhere. Many hosts like sets of bowls that have a single tall handle in the middle for easy transport. It's OK to buy a few of these and place the same beloved dips or a signature salsa at different points where people mingle.
  • Don't forget the basics, like a drink dispenser for a fun day outdoors or a caddy to bring utensils to everyone at once. Place serving platters with cups or cloth napkins nearby.

To make your kitchen or table look even more curated, try serving sets. These sets include serving platters, pitchers, trays and other basics all in the same finish, color or pattern.

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