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How to use serving trays to decorate your spaces.

By: :JIANSONG WU 0 comments
How to use serving trays to decorate your spaces.

How to use serving trays to decorate your spaces.

I LOVE serving trays. I mean…..I REALLY love serving trays. I counted and I have 12 in my home right now. I have them everywhere. I need every one of them. In my kitchen I have a beautifully simple glass tray with bottles of pretty booze on it. I have a cool metallic tray on my dining table with glass jars filled with lemons. I have them on the nightstands and in the bath. I have one in my son’s room with chapstick and a rosary beside his bed. I have them behind our bar with glasses of all sorts. In the office with clips and pens and the like. I also….serve with them. I love trays – cooking and serving, not so much.

Tips for using serving trays:

Instead of letting mail and other everyday items pile up on counters or tables, make a serving tray your “Where do I put this?” catchall. Keep a tray near the front door for easy use. You could even place a few bowls, vintage tins or jars on the tray to categorize items. Keep mail in one, keys in another and other odds and ends in the rest. Keep it neat and don’t overdo it or it’ll end up a hot mess – like all the rest.

Display your plants using serving trays to tame the clutter and add decorative flair to the area. Your usual houseplants or herbs would also look better displayed on an tray and placed on a windowsill or side table. I just read an article about the importance of houseplants to keep the air clean. I need another tray!!

Whether tucked away on a bookshelf or on display on a side table, trays are the perfect way to show off like objects you love to collect, such as pottery bowls, candlesticks or little jars of sea shells. Don’t keep itty bittey’s sitting around randomly. Group them, contain them and show them all together on a tray for SHAZAM!

Get a large metal or wood tray and set it by the door for muddies. Nothing worse than muddy boots to ruin the mood (and the hardwoods).

Use a shallow tray to house jars of make-up and applicators, nail polish or whatever it takes to make you fabulous each day. You could have 3-4 jars on a tray and use one for jewelry most worn, one for make-up and one for hair bands. This is what I use. I have a medium silver tray with three clear glass jars in different shapes and heights. I keep my fav lip glosses that I use everyday. I have a couple of eyeliners in it for last minute touch up’s on the way out the door, too. I have ponies and headbands in one and I have nail polish in one just because I like the way it looks.

Serving trays are easily found and come in all price ranges. I’m a “high/low” girl so I’m AWLAYS mixing high-end with bargain finds. Spend a little or spend a lot. Serving trays are a must at any price point.

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