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Cutting Boards: Wood, Plastic and Epicurean

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Cutting Boards: Wood, Plastic and Epicurean

Cutting Boards: Wood, Plastic and Epicurean

Prepare recipe ingredients, serve cheeses, cut grilled meats and more on cutting boards from Crate and Barrel. Find round, rectangular and square boards made out of wood, plastic and blended materials perfect for nearly any kitchen task. Cutting boards protect countertops and keep knife edges sharp. Read on to learn more about the varying characteristics, benefits and uses of different types of cutting boards.

Types of Cutting Boards

End Grain Cutting Board: Features the end pieces of wood rails glued together to form a traditional square pattern. End grain wood fibers absorb the impact of the blade, allowing your knife to stay sharp and your cutting board surface to stay smoother.

Edge Grain Cutting Board: Crafted from full-length wood rails that span the entire length of the board, edge grain cutting boards feature a uniform thickness and true flat cutting surface.

Plastic Cutting Board: Made of polypropylene, plastic cutting boards are inexpensive and typically dishwasher-safe.

Epicurean Cutting Board: Crafted from a blend of wood fibers that are layered and pressed with a food-safe resin, Epicurean cutting boards are knife-friendly and dishwasher-safe.

Bamboo Cutting Board: Sustainable and practical, bamboo is a light, but dense, wood that absorbs little moisture and resists swelling and warping.

Wood Cutting Board: Perfect as both a cutting surface and serving piece, wood cutting boards are available in oak, walnut, maple, cherrywood, ash and teak.

Cutting Board with Well: Available in wood and plastic, cutting boards with wells feature grooved sides that catch run-off juices.

Over-the-Sink Cutting Board: These plastic cutting boards fit over most sinks and feature a removable, collapsible colander.

Non-Slip Cutting Board: Feature non-slip gripping feet on the corners to ensure steady chopping.

Flexible Cutting Board: These boards are great for chopping and funneling ingredients into bowls and pans.

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