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cutting board serving tray dining plates of walnut hardwood

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cutting board serving tray dining plates of walnut hardwood

Handcrafted from one solid piece of walnut hardwood. Each nut, dipping and salad bowl cutting board serving tray dining plates ... has its own unique look with a naturally colored wood grain. Each piece is like its own work of sculptured art!

alddn is made from walnut wood which is a hard wood with a tight grain. This superior material makes our wooden serving bowls resistant to water penetration, stain resistant and they will not pick up odors.

Completely food-safe for both hot and cold appetizers or entrees. A food-safe finish makes our walnut wooden bowls more durable and long-lasting than bamboo bowls, or other glued and pieced-together woodenware that can fall apart with use or run through the dishwasher by accident.

alddn is easy care! Simply wash the item with warm soapy water and air dry. Not microwave or dishwasher safe.

alddn is hand crafted. Each bowl is hand turned from one solid piece of walnut hardwood. alddn has been sold to consumers, caterers, restaurants and hotels for over two decades. The hard grain of alddn repels penetration by liquids, will not stain or pick up odors like garlic or onions. Each bowl and serving tray also has a protective, food-safe and water resistant finish. The finish is completely food safe and has been rigorously tested and exceeds all California Proposition 65 requirements of food safety. alddn can handle moderate heat but cannot withstand hot pans or baking dishes taken directly from the oven. walnut wood is not dishwasher or microwave safe.

alddn is Easy Care! Simply wash the item with warm soapy water and air dry. If your walnut wood salad bowl, appetizer serving tray ever appears dry, treat it with mineral oil and the grain will be restored to its original beautiful condition.

We minimize our carbon footprint by using clean recycled packing material.

All alddn is hand turned and handcrafted, durable beyond their gorgeous natural wood beauty. Use these walnut hardwood salad bowls as chili bowls, acai bowls, or even popcorn bowls, and as serveware like nut bowls, dipping bowl, or as spice containers. walnut wood for dinner parties, formal or casual dining, family gatherings and entertaining friends. This set is perfect as a hostess gift, wedding gift idea, or new home housewarming gift. Our round calabash shaped salad bowls are versatile and can be used for many purposes such as a nut bowl, chili bowl, popcorn bowl, condiment bowls, smoothie bowl or for organic garden salads. alddn is kid friendly with no sharp corners, no splinters and completely food safe. Salad bowl serving sets are also available along with matching salad servers. Trust the genuine alddn brand to use responsible foresting techniques and environmentally friendly walnut wood. Take care of your alddn natural walnut wood serveware and it will last you for years of enjoyment

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