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Coffee Table Serving Trays

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Coffee Table Serving Trays

Coffee tables are more than just somewhere to set drinks. They’re awesome accent pieces that say a lot about what kind of theme you have in mind for a space. In fact, coffee tables can even form the room’s focal point with their distinctive personality and become the first place guests look when walking into the room. One way to help draw attention to your coffee table is with a beautiful tray in the center. We have a few ideas that have a big impact on living room or patio furniture layouts.

A Sturdy Canvas

Coffee table trays naturally act as centerpieces. Pronounced borders define the edges, much like the frame of a canvas. Enclosed within are beautiful pops of color and exciting contours from fresh flowers or aromatic candles. A tall vase in a bright tone is impossible to miss, adding major flair to a room’s color palette. Placing a deep wood tray in the in the middle of a coffee table works wonders to give spaces a rustic and intimate flavor.

Of course, coffee tables aren’t the only spots where trays shine. You can use them to add beauty and elegance to any piece of furniture from the entryway table in a foyer to a carefully-chosen console table nestled against a living room’s or dining room’s accent wall. This kind of decorative arrangement or grouping is called a vignette.

Design Your Own

How can you design a vignette? Well, that depends on your personal style. Vignettes are like scrapbooks, you can include just about anything, as long as it tells the story you want. Candles of different heights, a single rose or a full bouquet, vintage books and family photographs are all fair game. Each item is a layer that visitors peel away with interest.

At west elm, we like to create accent pieces that are gorgeous, but also take care of functionality. Part of what makes trays attractive is their ability to extend hospitality to friends and loved ones. Serving mid-afternoon cocktails in the living room or on a poolside patio are really easy with a sleek tray. They also provide space for coffee mugs and fresh juice on an apartment balcony or for breakfast-in-bed. Coffee table trays with handles are a big help when you need to transport coffee cups, creamer, sugar and other items between rooms without spilling.

Express Yourself

There aren’t any rules as to what constitutes a coffee table, either. Contemporary decor lets you express yourself without limits. For an informal and relaxing living room, a cozy ottoman can double as a coffee table in a heartbeat. In this case, trays offer stability on an upholstered surface. Bistro tables are a great option outdoors as romantic backdrops for two or a relaxed coffee table perfect for reading a novel when you just want some quiet time. Small coffee tables with an attractive vignette provide lots of design flexibility in intimate apartment spaces.

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