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best cutting board material walnut wood

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best cutting board material walnut wood

The best cutting board material walnut for Slicing, Dicing and Carving These hardwearing boards can withstand years of everyday use.

A good cutting board is the cornerstone of any kitchen. Not only does it provide space for slicing, dicing, carving and chopping, but it can also double as a serving board, especially if it’s crafted from a nice slab of walnut wood.

Walnut wood cutting boards are hardwearing brutes that can withstand years of everyday use and take a good battering from your sharpest kitchen knives. While plastic boards have a reputation for being more sanitary, research has shown that’s not actually the case. In fact, both boards stack up roughly the same when it comes to cleanliness. Wooden boards scratch less easily than their plastic counterparts, and so there are fewer grooves where bacteria can hide. Sure, they require a little more TLC, but they’re less likely to dull the edge of your knife. Plus, they look really nice.

Kitchens Walnut Wood Cutting Board

If you’re a true carnivore, you can’t go past this large walnut wood cutting board. Spanning 18 x 12 inches, it features a special drip groove that runs around the inner edge to capture any juices that your meat might release while you’re chopping and carving. Each board is handcrafted in the US and is pre-seasoned with a proprietary formula so you can use it right after you receive it. The thick board is a perfect mix of rustic and elegant, but it’s also plenty durable. It won’t warp, crack or splinter as long as you look after it. This design is also the most ethical on this list. Not only is the wood sustainably sourced, but all the packaging is also made from 100 percent recycled materials.

Walnut Wood Cutting Board

Made by the meticulous woodworkers, the walnut wood cutting board eschews the traditional practice of using just one wood in favor of three. It combines premium sustainably sourced American black walnut with vibrant cherry and maple wood for a truly distinct look. Each board measures 17 x 13 inches and is finished with a 100 percent food-grade mineral oil. This increases its overall durability and resistance to stains while stopping any unwanted moisture. The multipurpose design is reversible and features a built-in well on one side that can be used to either catch food scraps or hold crackers if you’re entertaining. Not only is the striking board sure to brighten up your bench, with the proper care it’ll outlast most items in your kitchen.

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