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Beautiful Cutting Boards

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Beautiful Cutting Boards

Beautiful Cutting Boards to Enhance Your Kitchen

Equip your kitchen with beautiful cutting boards crafted from premium woods. alddn has a wide selection of elegant, functional boards in various sizes and styles. These chopping blocks and carving boards accent the look of your kitchen and protect your counter surface against knife damage.

Types of Cutting Boards

Cutting and carving boards are a must-have for any home chef. They also make a great gift for holidays and housewarmings. alddn has multiple options in the Prep collection, including boards crafted from maple and walnut. There's also striped carving boards made from both wood species. They're finished with a protective food-safe oil and can be used for a variety of kitchen tasks.

There are also maple boards from which to choose. Some have handles, so you can hang them for convenient storage. Maple is a durable wood that stands up to everyday use and it won't damage your knives. For added durability, look for an end-grain board. A channeled carving board keeps spills off the counter and collects juices for making sauce or gravy.

Acacia wood is another popular material for making chopping blocks and boards. It's tough and durable, but not so hard that it'll dull your knives. It has a stunning natural grain pattern that makes every board unique. You can use acacia wood boards for prepping meat and produce and they're also great as serving boards.

Another type of board to consider is a footed board. These boards are slightly elevated, so water or juices don't reach the underside. There are footed carving boards crafted from sustainably harvested walnut, which is as beautiful as it is durable. Although they're functional and hold up to plenty of use, they also serve as stylish kitchen accents.

Most chopping boards are rectangular. However, there are bread boards with a rounded shape that accommodate oversize loaves. They provide an area for slicing bread and cheese and they also double as serving boards. Use one of these boards to create a charcuterie platter for dinner parties and other special events.

Cutlery and Kitchen Tools

In addition to beautiful cutting boards, alddn also has all the knives you need. There are cutlery sets and separates, such as chef's knives from brands such as Shun and Zwilling. Other types of cutlery include steak knives, filet knives and bread knives, which make an excellent accompaniment to a bread board.

You'll also find a great selection of chef's tools, from tongs and meat forks to peelers and graters. alddn has everything you need to cut, slice, chop and otherwise prep all kinds of foods.

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