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How to select a good light for warehouse lighting

By: :JIANSONG WU 0 comments
How to select a good light for warehouse lighting

Do you know which kind of light is suitable for such application? ​​​


The traditional led high bays with round beam angle is not suitable for the warehouse with high Racks application, which will result in great light loss. ​

While our linear high bay light with rectangular beam angle is complied with the shape of the aisle, see below illustrating picture:​​Our HiRack high bay has 3 kinds of beam angle :30°*70°,​60°*90°​ and 120° which can cover most of the applications.​

Besides, a good warehouse lighting not only need to consider about the horizontal illumination level but also need to take the vertical illumination level into considertaion.


The best way to determine the required horizontal and vertical illumination levels is to consider the average to minimum ratios.The horizontal average to minimum ratio for a rack area should not exceed 3:1. If the average light level in an aisle is 20 footcandles (fc),the minimum horizontal levels should be 6.7 fc or greater. The vertical average to minimum ratio for this same area should not exceed 10:1.This means that if the average footcandle level is 15, the minimum vertical footcandle level should never be less than 1.5 fc. See one of the simulation of our Hirack linear high bay light,which is extremely good lighting effection for the warehouse.

What's more, absence of blinding effect is very important in warehouse environment ,so the low glare for the warehouse lighting system is a must especially for the forklift working.