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LED technology: LED light engine Core

By: :JIANSONG WU 0 comments
LED technology: LED light engine Core

LED technology: LED light engine Core

Thanks to the use of this innovative platform, LED lighting fixtures become future-proof. In this way it is possible to use technological advances to improve the efficiency of lighting systems with LED and reduce costs. A LED lighting fixture designed based on the LED automatically takes advantage of the progress of the development of LED, without expensive modifications to the basic design.

Multi Cups / Chip on Board

With the system "Multi Cups / chip on board", the low-power chips are arranged in a specific gradation and covered by a layer of phosphor. The advantages of this system are an extremely homogeneous distribution of light and a light-emitting surface extremely slow.

LED technology for sustainable

The LED light engine includes variants from 400 to 5000 lumens with a luminous efficiency of up to 100-130 lumens per watt. The modules of 57 mm diameter circular offer a choice of color temperatures between 2,700, 5,000 and 6,500 Kelvin with a color rendering index (CRI) over 80.

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